Marriage: Affirmations to Attract the One

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Affirmations to Attract the One:

Love is one of the most special and unique occurrences we experience in a lifetime.

For some, love happens more than once. For others, it’s a one-stop shop.

Whether you’ve been there before or you’re still waiting for that special day to come, there’s no shame in recognizing the desire to have a partner to do life with.

Meeting someone is not always easy, so it is especially important to keep the faith and speak life into the love you’ve always dreamed of. Yes, it’s important to be flexible and open to whoever God has for us, but I would suggest that it’s just as important to be whole, healed, and clear on the vision of our lives as individuals before adding another person into the mix.

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If we don’t stand for something, we fall for anything. So, embrace this time. Dream big. Be specific. Be open. Have faith. And prepare your heart and mind to say, yes! 

Change comes when our vibration matches our beliefs. It’s time to get the two on the same page!

Breathe in the good. Breathe out the bad. Envision the love you’ve always of. What does it look like? What does it smell like? What are the sounds you hear? What surrounds you? What does the day to day look like? How do you two speak to one another? How do your families interact? Do you two build a family of your own? A business of your own? What makes you happy? What makes them happy? What are the fondest memories you two create?

Stay in this place awhile. Allow your mind to overflow with the most beautiful, true, and authentic version of the love you’re believing for.

Let’s begin.

I am whole

I am healed

I am restored

I am light as a feather

I know my strengths 

I know my weaknesses 

I know the areas where I need growth


I attract an abundance of good things

I am blessed and highly favored 

I am intentional

I use my time wisely

I treat my heart with care

I speak to myself in a loving, thoughtful way

I am beautiful 

I am unique

I am one of a kind

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My family is well

My dreams are coming true

My career is bubbling over with success 

My finances are sound

I am free of debt

I am building a financially stable household

I am building sustainable wealth

I am healthy mentally, physically, spiritually 

I attract opportunities that are perfectly matched just for me 


I welcome a love so sincere that I won’t ever have to question its intent

I welcome a love so real I feel it with all of my being


My future _______ is loving 

My future _______ is kind

My future _______ is patient

My future _______ is faithful

My future _______ and I will be best friends 

My future _______  have shared values

My future _______ and I are supportive of each other

My future _______ are making our way towards one another


My love story is beautiful, unique, and one of a kind. 

I embrace my journey. 

The best is yet to come!

Xoxo -Chels