FAITH : The God Who Heals

The God Who Heals 

by Sharice Jones

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From my outward appearance, no one would have an idea that for years I suffered with a chronic illness. One would have no idea doctors told me due to my sickle cell anemia I may have complications with my vision, nerve death, or a high probability of having a stroke. 

Sickle cell disease is a genetic blood disorder where instead of red blood cells being circular in shape, the red blood cells are sickled or crescent moon in shape. With normal shaped blood cells, blood can easily pass through veins and capillaries but with sickle cell blood cells their jagged shape causes a buildup of red blood cells, which results in pain because there is no blood or oxygen getting to be needed areas. Pain crises can occur in the legs, chest, and joints. My main triggers that would initiate a pain crisis are elevated temperatures, very cold temperatures and high elevation (such as flying). 

During the summer of 2014, it seemed like I could not catch a break in regards to my health. I wasn’t getting adequate sleep; my skin was changing and my joints were in pain nonstop. During this time, my skin was a huge concern for me. My skin was very dark in color on my face and my legs were very blotchy. My vision was also being attacked. At times during driving and at work, I would have double vision. All of these things started to frighten me and I was anxious that my condition was becoming worse. 

I was searching scientific journals about sickle cell disease and reading the effects of the medications I was prescribed. One of the medications stated that prolonged use could cause cancer inserts panic face. I immediately correlated the changes in my skin to one medication. I didn’t tell anyone about my internet adventures. I just prayed that everything would eventually return to normal. 

About a week later I was on the phone with my best friend from college and we were having a normal conversation. Then he asks, “Have you been looking up things about cancer?” I responded, “Yes, I was looking...” He cut me off and told me to stop. I knew this was God talking through him because I didn’t tell anyone what I was experiencing. He began to speak in tongues and told me I would not experience any more pain in my muscles or joints. He also told me the skin and vision issues I was experiencing was a trick of the enemy. 

As my best friend was talking I felt the Holy Spirit engulf me and from that day, June 19, 2014, I have NOT experienced a sickle cell pain episode. I immediately went into worship and believed in my heart God’s messages. 

“But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was crushed for our wickedness [our sin, our injustice, our wrongdoing]; The punishment [required] for our well-being fell on Him, And by His stripes (wounds) we are healed.” –Isaiah 53:5 AMP 

I share this testimony not to brag or decrease the gravity of chronic illnesses because I understand what it means to be in pain daily or to not have people understand what it’s like living with a chronic condition. I share this to let you know GOD CAN HEAL ANYTHING! He can heal cancer, He can heal lupus, He can heal whatever ailment is in your body. He died so we can be healed. He is a God of miracles! 

I am a living testament of His power. There were SO many times doctors spoke things over my life due to my condition. There were times I reasoned, everyone has a cross to bear and living with sickle cell disease is mine. 

There is nothing on this earth that separate us from God’s love (see Romans 8:28-39). As a child of God, we are recipients of His protection, His care, His healing power, His grace and His mercy. 

May your faith make you whole!


Sharice B. Jones is a woman who has truly seen the power of God manifest in her life.  A native of Chicago, Illinois and current resident of Atlanta, Georgia, she currently works in food safety and walks with faith and purpose to be salt and light in the earth.  Sharice loves to cook, travel and encourage those she encounters daily.

You can follow her on IG: @reese_squared.

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