LIFE: 6 devotionals you need to download right now.

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If you don’t have the YouVersion app on your phone are you even a Christian?

We’re kidding!

We know that the Bible app does not define your relationship with Christ, but we do believe that getting in the Word on a daily basis builds a strong foundation for your faith which will ultimately grow your relationship with Christ.

That said, we are sharing 7 devotionals you should read below, and if you don’t have the app… You should get it, it’s available for both iOS devices and Android… No excuse saints!

Goliath Must Fall - Winning The Battle Against Your Giants by Louie Giglio

This 7 Day Devotional will help you focus on the size of our God not the height of your giants, and by walking in the victory Jesus has already won.

  1. God Comes Through On Time by Kennetra A Bryant ED.D

    If you’ve ever wondered if God is aware of what you are going through, this 6 days devotional will remind you that though it may seem like God is taking an extremely long time, remember God always comes through on time in every situation you encounter In life.

  2. Bring What You You Have by Laynie Travis

    God uses unexpected people, simple acts of faith, and everyday resources to show His glory. This plan we see who Jesus is and hw He uses ordinary thing to bring about extraordinary results in our lives.

  3. The Jospeh Challenge

    This challenge focuses on identity, favor, integrity, jealousy and forgiveness. It covers the book of Genesis concerning the account of Joseph. The best 11 days we’ve ever spent in reading a plan!

  4. Associations Matter- Discerning Connections by Kennetra A Bryant Ed.D

    This 10 Day plan will help you utilize discernment when pursuing any association. You will notice throughout scripture how certain associations affect spiritual and physical outcomes and to actively seek Christ-centered connections.

  5. Samson Challenge

    This 6 day challenge to read the chapters in the book of Judges concerning the account of Samson. This challenge focuses on our desires, pride, disobedience and discernment.

  6. Activating The Power of God’s Word by Kyle Winkler

    6 days of powerful readings to inspire you to discover the power of God’s Word in the midst of experiencing insecurity, uncertainty, and spiritual warfare.

As much as we love a good YOUVERSION plan, we encourage you to spend time in the Word on a daily basis.

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